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What lies behind the hatred for the PT? (I)

Leonardo Boff

It is a dreadful fact, if an analytically explicable one: the rise of hatred and anger against the PT, (from the Portuguese, Partido dos Trabalhadores, Worker’s Party). This phenomenon is the other side of Brazilian “cordiality”, as suggested by Sergio Buarque of Holland: from the same heart where warm welcoming is born also comes the most violent rejection. Welcome and rejection are both “cordial” – the two passionate faces of Brazilians.

That hatred is fed by the conservative mass media and by those who do not respect the democratic rite of elections: one either wins or loses. The one who loses graciously accepts defeat and the winner shows magnanimity to the vanquished. But this civilized behavior did not prevail. To the contrary: the defeated are seeking by all possible means to deny legitimacy to the victor, and ensure a policy change that follows their proposals, which were rejected by the…

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