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Guest star: Creekview Carol


Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post introduce you to Creekview Carol and his family. Please find their post below.

Hi,my name is Carol. I live with a very “interesting” bunch. A few months ago I started a blog to share my many observations. And now that it’s going well, some of my siblings want to use MY blog as their platform to get attention. Very irritating. But, anyway….


As a blogger, I enjoy reading other cats’ (and, don’t tell anyone, dogs’ AND humans’) blogs. After the New Year I noticed lots of bloggers talking about eating better and getting in shape. Now, I have no control over what I eat. If I did, I’d at least get wet food every day like the furry beasts in my house.

But I can control how much activity I get. And looking around at my brothers and sisters, I think we ALL could use a little…

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