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Guest Post: Coping with a cat with bladder crystals


Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Leah and her cat Frazzle.

Having had a to deal with a cat with bladder crystals I thought you would like to hear my experiences to help you deal with this situation if it arises.

Bladder crystals become an emergency when they get stuck as they block the urethra and cause the bladder to fill, left this can cause kidney or nerve damage or worst case the bladder to rupture

Bladder crystals are formed from minerals in the cat’s urine, these mineral deposits build up and eventually stick together to form stones

Bladder crystals are more common in neutered males:

  1. due to the narrowness of the urethra
  2. due to the decreased levels of hormones which make urine more acidic


So now I will tell you about my story…

I had started to notice my cat Frazzle had started to wee up my lovely…

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