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Guest star: Charlie, Trigg and Rags – Some of the Ragdoll Cats of


Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Floppycats and Jenny will talk about some of her lovely Ragdoll Cats:

I rarely call my cats by their given names.

Their names are “Charlie” and “Trigg” on an official level at the vet’s office. However, I call them nearly everything but those.

Here’s the run down:

Charlie on Sleepypod Crater Dot11-10-11Charlie:

  • Wubbie
  • Bubbie
  • Bubber
  • Bubbermatic
  • Charlamagne
  • Charliemansers
  • Mansers
  • Zers

Trigg in FridgeTrigg:

  • Chigg
  • Chigg Doo
  • Chiggy
  • Gausy
  • Gausing

They are only 5 years old, so the lists will only grow. Seriously.

My cat Rags had countless names. My Rags is the Ragdoll cat that I grew up with – and is also the reason that I founded and created my website,, dedicated to uniting Ragdoll cat lovers worldwide.


If you visit our YouTube channel, you will see what I mean about the names. Heck, I probably forgot to mention a few of them.


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